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The final of the composition competition # SaintSulpice2021 is broadcast live on the internet.
In each of the two competition categories, the rules provide for a prize for the candidate whose work will win the Internet users’ vote.

Below is the procedure for voting online.

An online prize pool is launched to finance these 2 prizes. The total amount will be shared between the two winners of the two categories of the competition.

Internet user voting procedure

Online voting takes place in 3 steps:

1. Registration

You must register on the page accessible by the link below.

You will be asked for a valid email address and password. Upon submission of your registration request, an email enabling your registration to be activated will be sent to you at the address you gave.

2. Activation of your account

Check your mailbox and especially your spam.

Click on the activation link given in the mail sent by, or copy it in the address bar of your internet browser.

3. Vote

Once logged in, you can access the voting form for each of the two categories of the competition.

If you have been logged out, you can log back in here.


The votes for each category are independent. It is possible to vote for a single category, and also twice (at the end of the first category and at the end of the second).

Validity of votes

Please note: only votes submitted during the opening period of the ballot will be counted, and obviously only one vote per category, email and IP address will be allowed.

Opening of the ballot

For each category, the ballot is opened after the last mark of the fourth and last work of the category. The ballot will be closed about twenty minutes after the end of the hearing.

Prize pool

The two Internet user prices are financed by your donations. The prize pool will be shared equally between the two winners of the two categories of the competition. To participate in this pot, click below: