In application of the exceptional measures decided by the French authorities across the country in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, masses, auditions and concerts at Saint-Sulpice are suspended until at least April 15.
As soon as we know, we will inform you of the resumption of AROSS cultural activities.
Good luck to all. Take care.

In March:

St. Sulpice organ program – March 2020 (in French)

In accordance with the instructions of the Archbishopric of Paris following the restrictive measures announced by the French Prime Minister on Friday March 13, Sunday masses and auditions at St. Sulpice are suspended until further notice.

Cancelled – postponed

Concert on the Stations of the Cross – Sunday, March 15th, 4PM

Following the directives announced by the French Prime Minister on Friday March 13 at noon, we are obliged to cancel the concert. This concert is postponed to a date which will be communicated to you later.

The Way of the Cross “Voici l’Homme – Ecce homo” by Jean-Pierre Nortel, read by Pauline Choplin, accompanied by improvisations on the great organ by Sophie-Véronique Cauchefer-Choplin, and illustrated with paintings by Veronica von Degenfeld.

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2020 Recitals

Some new on the “boutique”

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You will find there the CD of the 3rd Symphony “with organ” by Camille Saint-Saëns, recorded live in Saint-Sulpice in 2010 by Les Siècles conducted by François-Xavier Roth.

Biography of Daniel Roth – Saturday, November 16th, 2019

Daniel Roth, Grand chœur

Interviews with Pierre-François Dub-Attenti & Christophe Zerbini

Hortus Editions (2 volumes)

Only in French

This book, the result of 7 years of work and collaboration with Daniel Roth, was born in the family atmosphere of the organ loft of Saint-Sulpice. In a nod to Plein jeu, in which Claude Duscheneau interviewed Michel Chapuis, Pierre-François Dub-Attenti and Christophe Zerbini chose the form of the interview to make Daniel Roth better known and share his vocation with their readers.

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